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Description of the server Avelius
Chronicles: Gracia Final
Platform: PTS (Euro-off)

Server Rates
  • Drop item - x5
  • Drop epaulettes - x3
  • Drop quest items - x1 (x5 for some popular, details on forum)
  • Spoil - x8
  • Adena drop - x5
  • Adena quest - x10
  • EXP, SP from mobs:
    - from 1 to level 61 EXP x10-x20, SP x20-x40
    - from 61 to level 76 EXP x8-x16, SP x8-x16
    - from 76 to 81 level EXP x6-x12, SP x6-x12
    - from 81 EXP x5-x10, SP x5-x10
  • EXP, SP of quests: x10

Avelius is the server with a unique multiprofession on PTS-platform. No renulls, rebirth or transformation. From the beginning, you have the opportunity to learn skills of other professions (except for the skill of the Inspector) presented in a convenient form for learning. The sequence of learn you choose yourself. There is no time limit.

Server functional includes:

  • multilanguage support. 98% of NPC dialogs have been translated into Russian. To change language you should speak with NPC Octavis
  • autodrop (autoloot)
  • off-trade with the support of a autoannounce and configurable
  • tools to lock EXP and SP for spoilers or farmers
  • insturments to block inventory with password
  • PVP-mods, allow you to get a reward for PVP and PC points
  • wedding. You can marry the two characters and get more interesting skills
  • events on the server rates by time of day (GTM+4):
    • 13:00 - 18:00 EXP +50%
    • 18:00 - 02:00 SP +50%
    • 02:00 - 06:00 Spoil rate +50%
    • 06:00 - 10:00 Vitality rate +50%
    • 10:00 - 13:00 Adena rate +50%
  • increase the maximum number of slots for buffs (36) and dance-songs (27)
  • Four quests of Seven Signs quests from Epilogue Chronicles
  • and much more...
The game runs everything that should work in the chronicles of GF, such as:
  • all stages of Hellbound
  • Base Tower
  • Tower of Infinitum
  • Tully's Workshop
  • Tower of Naia
  • whole island Gracia
  • Territorial battles
  • forts from the dungeons
  • Kamaloka
  • instances on the Isle of Players
  • Underground Coliseum

All the functionality needed for a comfortable game assebled in dialogues of special NPC Octavis.

For get second and third transfer of class you do not need quests, just talk with the NPC Octavis and he will give you the second and third professions, and even give adena to progress.

Quests for subclass and nobless runs in standard mode. Numbers of subjobs - 3, max level subjob is 85. This means that on subjob you can also create char with multiprofession (mage or warrior) Certification standard for the chronicles of GF.

Given that the server will multiprofession, we did changes in some skills (details on forum)
There are presets for each newbie:

  • Presents with D-, C-, B-grade with armor, weapons and accessories
  • Shadow Tattoo (for 7 days)
  • Accessory's coupon
There are recipes and resources for B and A armor, weapons, armors in shops

In order to keep the party game, all guard castles and forts has been strengthened.

  • level increased to 85
  • XP x2, Atack Speed ​​x2, M.atack x3, P.def x4, M.def x2, P.atack x3
  • Drop epaulettes in the forts x3

Also, take into account the wishes of the players on the game client functionality:

  • support two languages: English and Russian (toggle through the settings menu)
  • all registered mobs level and aggression
  • the patch includes information on Drop and Spoil, 100% corresponding to the server
  • icons are made with colorful macro
  • removed limit on the maximum distance from the camera a character

Looking forward to seeing you on our server! Enjoy the game!